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it's actually quite funny. 

As a kid, i remember having a Super Nintendo. my brother and i would be getting down on Mortal Kombat or Killer Instinct. those two games, i think are like a landmark for me and my childhood. i would always end up getting my ass handed to me. my brother was older than i, so he understood the concept of grouping the right buttons together created an awesome combo, or sick ass Fatality. (laughs)

getting older, i kind of lost that spark; or interest, in the gaming world. so many dope titles coming out. it's crazy to have seen what video games have gone from, and what they gave become. it's like an evolution type thing. i can't explain it to well. i mean you have the game. it creates a dedicated following. merchandise. movies. tends. it's like an entire movement can happen from a video game; character alone at that. 

thinking about it now, it's actually quite funny. i don't recall like actually having what people would consider a 'real' job. i mean, what's to be considered a 'real' job at all? i was a bartender. became a dealer, at a casino. guess I've been two different kinds of dealer. (laughs) guess working for tips don't make it considered real. typical job is what i think majority of people mean when they use 'real' to describe a job.

 ive never really done anything typical I'm guessing. I've always done things differently. emancipated myself as a minor to graduate high school. did online college. graduated bartending school instead. a school for blackjack. self taught when it came to coding and all that online jazz though. 

I've got 28 years under my belt. one day i just took a look around from where i was standing. i guess i just got tired, or bored, with my old life. i wanted to own something. something that would be mine and be able to show for it. the work, time and dedication that went behind it. trust me, you don't know all the happenings that had taken, and still do take place to get my site up. it's on the web, yes! but i ain't satisfied. that don't mean i just get to kick back and cost. my job ain't done. i gotta find out what works, what don't. connect with my gamers. provide to their wants is what should be on a gamers site. so I'm far from finished. it's basically like, i took the steps of a plane in flight. now, it's up to me to figure out if I'm able to fly. 

Game Junki

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